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Introducing Our New 3D Asset Store

Updated: Mar 4

Sierra Division 3D Asset Store

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new 3D asset store. Getting high quality 3D assets by the Sierra Division art team is now only a click away. Perfect for Games, Animation, VR, Unreal Engine, AAA to indie, our assets are made specifically with the user in mind.

Our assets will fit seamlessly in your environments. You'll never need to worry about your game or experience looking cheap or boring ever again. Get everything from industrial pipes, heist tools, sleek interiors, materials and blueprints, essential furniture props, and much more.

3D Asset packs available on our Store


Purchasing from our store gets you some awesome benefits that you won't find on other marketplaces:

  • Unique and high quality 3D Assets: Made by our Art team with the utmost care and precision.

  • Choose your license: Find options for indie buyers and enterprises.

  • Lowest Price: Get the best price on our assets.

  • Priority Support: Get a reply within 1 business day.

*Currently available via Desktop. Mobile version coming soon.

Launch Offer: Free 3D Asset Pack

As part of our launch celebration, we are offering our Modular Interiors and Explorers Props pack for FREE for the entire month of March.

With this pack you will be able to create hallways, rooms, entrances, and full spaces. Included are highly detailed hero props that are ready to be used in 1st Person player experiences or as beautiful props in your story driven environments.

Simply apply code SDSTORE at checkout to claim yours. Code valid for individual, indie, and commercial licenses until March 31st.

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