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2023 RECAP: Art Outsourcing, High-Quality Asset Packs and Future Projects

Updated: Jan 3

As we embark on a well-deserved holiday break, it's the perfect time to pause and reflect RTX Style on all the achievements we've celebrated throughout the year at Sierra Division. Follow along to see what we've been up to, from our client work to the team's internal projects, and make sure to scroll all the way down to find out who the lucky winners are of our social media giveaway.

Work done in 2023 fin 3D Environment and Props for Games, Media and Entertainment

When we first launched Sierra Division, our goal was to bring top-tier content to a broader community and create groundbreaking artwork at the highest level for Games, Media and Entertainment. With the incredible dedication of every member of our team, we've been consistently striving to deliver excellence to all of our clients, continuing to create and iterate on our highly-rated props and environment asset packs, and have laid the ground-work for many internal projects, along with so much more this year. We've been busy haha.

With thousands of you engaging with our content across our social media platforms and reaching out to us on our website, it's been a huge boost to our morale to have the community's support along the way.

Thank you for being a crucial part of our success story! If you're interested in following our journey even closer, please consider subscribing to our newsletter where we'll be sharing recaps, doing giveaways, and providing the latest updates from the team.


The reception of our art outsourcing work here at Sierra Division has been a true wonder to experience. Ever since our first client project for Snoop Dogg's - Crip Ya Enthusiasm Music Video, we've been incredibly lucky to have received attention from both major studios and indie studios alike. Our Client List is continuing to grow and the relationships along with them. We really value the opportunities we've been given to work on such amazing projects and with such passionate people.

For now, many of the projects we've been working on still remain under NDA, but we can't wait to share them with you once we have the opportunity. The artists at Sierra Division have been busy this year, and we've grown quite a bit to accommodate our newfound popularity. Even with our expansion, maintaining a high level of quality throughout our work, ensuring customer satisfaction, and fostering a healthy working environment for our team, have remained at the forefront of what drives us. We look forward to continuing that steady growth into the new year.

Thank you so much to our Clients! You keep us pushing forward and help us continue to make Sierra Division the great studio that it is.


Not only have we been working with some great studios during our time Outsourcing, but we also have many on-going internal projects. Some of these projects have been shared publicly and others are still in the process of development. Let's take a look at what the year has had in store for us on the team.


Industrial Sci-Fi and Modular Oil Rig Pack

This pack has seen incredible success from our customer base. Over ten 5-Star reviews across Unreal Marketplace and Gumroad. We had tremendous fun creating the Oil Rig Cinematic Reveal trailer which can be found on our YouTube page.

The pack contains VFX, multiple blueprints and a follow-along guide to make world-building easier. It has also been updated to add 5.1 support and future water plugin updates that have been made to UE5.

Modular Interiors and Explorer Props

Not only did we release the full set just this year, but have since added a full expansion to the pack that helps users create multi-story buildings. With a variety of stair types and options, this has been very exciting to share with the community.

Game asset prop pack - Heist Essentials and Tolls

Heist Essentials and Tools Pack

This was our first props release pack. It was a fun challenge to explore different options of releasing full environments vs. smaller prop sets for customers to enjoy. We look to continue to release a variety of content like this in the future. It's always good to have options!

Our environment and prop packs can be found on Gumroad and the Unreal Engine Marketplace.


In order to optimize the efficiency of our asset creation process, we have been building out tools, libraries, and smart materials for the team. Earlier in the year, we shared a short Blog post on our ArtStation to showcase all the fun and creative ways the team is using our Kitbash Library to create some Friday Afternoon Artwork.


There's been a number of images and portfolio posts we've been making on our ArtStation regarding upcoming projects from the team. These are only a small glimpse into what we have been working on and can't wait to share more into the coming new year. More information and further announcements will be shared as each of the projects are closer to completion. If you're interested in looking at more images and detailed breakdowns of some of the assets, please take a look at what we've been sharing at the ArtStation link above!


We like to give back whenever we can, and especially to causes that the team is passionate about. When releasing some of our Marketplace content, we committed to making charitable contributions for any amounts made for both our Oil Rig and Explorer's Room Packs on the Marketplace. We're happy to say that thanks to all of your support, we've already been able to contribute over $500 to the Charities through sales of our Assets. This is huge! It was only just a hope that we could start to make a difference, and in just one year it is becoming a reality. We will keep you all updated on the progress of these charity endeavors as they continue. In the meantime, if you are interested in seeing exactly where we are giving back, please take a look at the charity websites here.

Ocean Conservancy

Project Amigo



Be on the lookout for Tutorials and Guides coming from the Sierra Division team in 2024. We want to start sharing with all of you a deeper look into our processes, workflows, and general tips that help us to create beautiful artwork in a timely manner. Reach out to us as well if there are any specific tutorials you are interested in, or if you would like to collaborate with us on creating some new tutorial content!

Some of our unannounced internal projects are of course related to new asset packs we've been working on, while others are part of something larger. In any case, if you've been happy with your products from our studio, you can absolutely expect to see more work from us in 2024 and more artwork available for sale to add to your library.


In order to maintain close communication, high quality work, and strong relationships with our Clients, we are only adding new clients on a limited basis. If you are interested in working with us or hearing more about our services, we'd be happy to speak with you while we still have some room to take on your projects. Our artists have a wide variety of skills and are quick to adapt to new workflows that will fit your project. Reach out to us if you've been thinking of bringing on a new Outsourcing Partner or Co-Development Studio and we can talk more.

Sierra Division Holiday Giveaway Game Environment and Prop Asset Pacl


We were blown away that so many of you participated in our very first social media giveaway. To spread the holiday cheer we are selecting not one, but three winners!

Without further ado, Congratulations to: Ilya C. on LinkedIn, Andres Ramirez on Twitter, and Guille2019 on Instagram.

We hope you enjoy our Modular Interiors and Explorer Props. Let us know If you create something awesome with the asset pack by tagging Sierra Division on social.

We hope to be able to do more giveaways in the future. Stay up-to-date on our activities by subscribing to our newsletter.


We owe everything to our valued customers, clients, and exceptional team. Thank you so much to everyone that supported us, that continues to work with us, and to those that are just joining. 2024 is going to be another exciting year and we can't wait to see how all of you will be a part of our journey.


Jacob Norris (aka PurePolygons), President

Interested in reaching out to us regarding any of our Marketplace Packs or availability for new Client work? Feel free to Contact Us to find out more or consider Subscribing to our Newsletter to get the latest updates and news from the team.

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