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3d game art props - bank heist collection


Dec 24, 2022

Crip Ya Enthusiasm was one of our first projects as an Outsource and Content Creation Studio. Thanks Astro Project!

For this project, we had the chance to work on a Snoop Dogg music video creating 2 of the Environments for the production.

  • Recreating Randy's donuts in Los Angeles and creating a Pool scene based on 2Pac's Music video "I get around." The music video features "Larry Dogg" which is a combination of Snoop Dogg and Larry David from Curb your Enthusiasm (The theme song track being sampled).

  • We created everything you see here on a VERY Tight deadline, with only 1 month of work! Almost everything is made from scratch besides a few Megascans textures and a couple of Marketplace packs, including some from PurePolygons, Dekogon, Joakim Stigsson, and the cars from Leartes.

  • Astro Project developed the music video and created the final music video along with some of the environments being created by Leartes Studios. Astro Project will be releasing more information and a playable version of the environment on their site.