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3d game art props - bank heist collection


Jan 25, 2024

Our latest vehicles have a long road ahead, would you like a ride?

Vehicle - TukTuk

This TukTuk has a long road ahead and plans for the future. It's ready to drive, drift, and has working windshield wipers already. Who doesn't like a squeaky clean window, it's tons of fun for everyone onboard. We hope you enjoy our first vehicle for the world to see, exciting times. This asset was made for an upcoming project we are working on internally at Sierra Division. More info for the full scene will be coming soon, but we don't want to spoil anything yet.

  • Artist Modeling and Textures: Clément Moreau

  • Art Direction and Feedback: Jacob Norris

  • Special thanks to Miroslav Baev

Vehicle - Bicycle

This Bicycle will be sharing the road and if you've ridden a bike on the road, you know that can be scary at times. Luckily, this thing is built strong and ready to take it on! It'll be riding into the sunset and protecting the rider from harm. Safety is always #1 right? Right?? We hope you enjoy and can't wait to show you more soon!

  • Artist Modeling and Textures: Andrej Štefančík

  • Art Direction and Feedback: Jacob Norris

  • Special Thanks to Victor Wagner

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