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3d game art props - bank heist collection


Nov 29, 2022

This is an Incredibly detailed Modular Set. We also include Blueprints to help make world building easier!


Help us Create a Better Future!

Every purchase of this pack helps to save our Ocean's, reducing the amount of trash that ends up there, helping to create sustainable fisheries, and preserving wildlife.

2% of all sales from this pack will be donated to

This Oil Rig was created, because there may be a day in the future when Oil Rigs will no longer exist and this highly detailed recreation of an Oil Rig can serve as a memory of how far we've come in preserving a better future for everyone.

From the team and creator of PurePolygons and Downtown West Modular Packs!


This is an Incredibly detailed Modular Set with Blueprints to help make world building easier. Use for large environments, small environments, cinematics, gameplay, VR, and more! Assets are created at the highest quality in every aspect. We build the artwork with the idea in mind that our customers may use these assets in any way imaginable. So we provide the art at the highest quality and provide content and videos to help share quick tips for optimizing the work to perform on almost any platform.

The Oil Rig contains above water AND underwater assets for use in any aspect of the environment. Here's a small sample of some of the tools we have provided for simple environment creation.

  • The Drone is not included

  • The water will interact with pillars using Distance Fields Generation

  • It will even flow down the pillars as the water rises and falls

  • There are multiple blueprints to make for quick and easy placement of assets in the space

  • Master Materials make it very quick and easy to change the look of any asset in the scene from color masks, to roughness, worldspace textures, vertex painting, detail textures, puddles, emissive maps, glass, and much more!


  • Floodlight placement, light angle, light height, intensity, color, volumetric fog settings, and on/off switches

  • Pipe placement, instancing, repeating, wall placement, floor placement, a blueprint to quickly place any asset in the scene, tile it multiple times and swap out all of the features on it. Like optimized or vertex painted meshes

  • Spline blueprints for the ropes, hoses, and cables throughout the scene (Easily merged for export or RTX Shadows)

  • Simple HDRI Swapping blueprint for multiple Skyboxes included in the set

  • A Crane blueprint for rotation operation and more accurate collision

  • A Buoyancy Blueprint for allowing any asset to float on the top of the Water and interact with the waves

  • A Water / Wave blueprint for adjusting wave height, underwater color, visiblity, and more

  • Air Conditioning blueprints for spinning fans and quickly swapping between AC Types


  • Underwater Bubbles and Debris

  • Wave Water Mist

  • Pillar Interaction with Wave Height

  • Trickling Water and splashes