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3d game art props - bank heist collection


Jun 6, 2023

The Heist Essentials & Tools Collection - all you need for intense heist scenes in your next Unreal Engine project


Introducing the Heist Essentials & Tools Collection, a meticulously curated set of assets specifically designed for your next thrilling Unreal Engine project. This comprehensive pack contains everything you need to create immersive, action-packed heist scenarios, whether for games, movies, or cinematics.

The Heist Essentials & Tools Collection includes an extensive array of assets related to burglary, robbery, and heist operations. Expect to find high-quality 3D models of money, jewels, tools, masks, and other crucial assets that bring your heist scenes to life. Each asset is crafted with attention to detail, ensuring maximum realism and versatility for your project.

This collection is perfect for developers and creators who want to add a layer of excitement and intrigue to their projects. With the Heist Essentials & Tools Collection, you can:

  1. Design gripping, interactive heist gameplay scenarios that keep players engaged and entertained.

  2. Create dynamic movie or cinematic sequences with authentic-looking assets that lend a heightened sense of realism.

  3. Customize and modify assets to suit your specific project requirements, enabling endless possibilities and unique narratives.

We've included a ton of great assets for you.

Having the Heist Essentials & Tools Collection in your Unreal Marketplace library will elevate your projects, providing you with an invaluable resource for developing captivating heist content. Don't miss out on this essential asset pack that will surely become a go-to resource in your creative toolkit.

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